Back in July 1979, in  a  town called Bukavu, in the East of the Republic of Congo was born a boy named WILAMWITANDA MUTENDELA JEAN LOUIS LUCKY. After completing his studies, Jean Louis worked as in charge of Public Relation in one of the major leading cosmetic company in Rwanda, "Sulfo Rwanda". He was then transferred to Burundi where he worked as Administrative and Marketing Manager. In 2005, Jean Louis received an invitation to attend the 3rd World Congress on Mental Health and Deafness, that was held in Worcester, South Africa. He was requested to help with translation and interpretation (English-French-English) during the congress. 
His eyes were then open, when he noticed activities that have been carried out by the Deaf people. His thirst to lean more about Deaf people arose. He noticed that the Deaf people in his country don’t have the opportunity to learn, to study and to find their own identity. He then decided to study more. He started by familiarizing with the Deaf community in Burundi, where he was working. Then decided to find financial support to pursue his studies in Deafness. He then got a scholarship to do the practical studies at the National Institute of the Deaf, in South Africa.

He then interacts with Deaf people, understand the Deaf Culture and learn South African Sign language. Jean Louis has found what he needed. He has understood and has a big plan for the Deaf in Burundi, in Congo his country and in Africa.

He is now looking for funds to go to Gallaudet University and learn more for he believes he still needs much knowledge to effectively work for the Deaf people.

He has been lucky to learn from other during the 3rd World Congress in MHD held in 2005 in South Africa and the European Congress on Mental Health and Deafness held in 2007 at Harleem, the Netherlands. His one month internship at a Care farm for Deaf people in Middembeemster in Holland, helped him to know more about the Deaf Community and to work with Deaf people.

Jean Louis still has the passion to learn more and to acquire more skills to serve the Deaf community. Anyone willingly to assist him in any kind is welcome.

You can contact him on:

Email: jlouismutendela@gmail.com

Phone:                         +27-837572179              .


He thanks you



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