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Project Leader                     : Mr WILAMWITANDA MUTENDELA

                                                JEAN LOUIS “LUCKY”

                                                Project Coordinator

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Recipient institution           : SILENT WORK, NETHERLANDS

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                                                 t.a.v. Silent Work, Edam


Collaborating institutions: -  DeafNET Centre of knowledge

                                                 The National Institute for the Deaf, South Africa

                                              -  Africa contact Group on Mental Health and


                                              - The Burundi National Deaf Association




After a year of practical studies under the guidance and supervision of DeafNET, Centre of Knowledge at a famous African and South African Deaf School, herewith the National Institute for the Deaf, located in Worcester; South Africa; that has been endorsed by a one-month internship in a care farm under the auspice of Odion in Middenbeemster, Netherlands; and sanctioned with a certificate; it is time now to practise what we have studied. DCSA, a division of the National Institute for the Deaf, is responsible for training of Deaf Youth. I was privileged to participate into their programs, to gather knowledge, which I have to disseminate in Burundi for the benefit of the young Deaf. I have acquired Managerial and Leadership skills

from DeafNET. I am going use these skills to manage properly and effectively the association.




Youth is a middle age between childhood and adulthood. This age between 18 and 35 is very crucial for it is the moment when a person (woman or man) builds up his (her) future right or wrong. The saying “Youth is the future of the Nation” may be true only when young people are aware of the heavy responsibility they are caring, act responsibly and the world emphasises on the importancefor youth development programmes to take into account the different needs of young women and men, so that all young people are given the opportunity to develop to their full potential.


Burundi is a small country located in Central Africa with an area of 27,816 sq km (10,740 sq miles), it shares borders with DRC, Rwanda and Tanzania. The country is very poor and depends on Coffee that is the nation's biggest revenue earner with 78% of all exported goods. Other agriculture products include cotton, tea, maize, sorghum, sweet potatoes, bananas (of which Burundi is one of the world's ten largest producers), manioc (tapioca); beef, milk, and hides. This country counts a huge number of Young Deaf. Most of them cannot read, having had no opportunity to go to School. They really do not know what is going on in the real world. They are obviously not among those youth who are supposed to build a new nation. Some Deaf went to Johnson’s school (a Deaf Primary Level School in Bujumbura), but end up in the street, having no qualifications to compete with hearing persons or just having not a chance to compete and prove their competencies.




While we believe that Youth Deaf, when properly trained will be useful is assisting both Young and Adult Deaf people, and can participate in developing the country, we came up with the following solution:

To establish a Deaf Youth Association in Burundi, with pilot project in Bujumbura. This Association will have the following vision and missions:




To improve the living conditions of Deaf Youth in Burundi and to equip them with necessary tools to lead a healthy and balanced life in participating in the development of the Deaf Community in their country.





-         To identify all the Deaf people aged 18-35 and to include them into the project.

-         To facilitate training opportunity for the identified Deaf and to find and create jobs.

-         To work closely with Deaf people, while they are taking the front, to develop an access for them in all the services.

-         To inform the public and create awareness among all the population regarding Deafness by means of media, newspapers, churches and community

-         To lobby and advocate the Deaf case to the local authority based on the the article 22 of Burundi constitution on fundamental rights on individuals and citizens and the UN convention on people with disability.

-         Together with the Burundi National Association for the Deaf to develop and maintain a uniform Burundi Sign Language in all the country and to train parents and community in Sign language and Deaf Culture.






Creating DeafYBU
Establish the Association; get it recognised by the Government, have an equipped office and launch activities.


Identifying Deaf Youth
For the time, we will need ten young, 5 boys and 5 girls to give them appropriate training.


Cooperating with families
Getting support from the parents of 10 Deaf young chosen.  Regularly meeting with them to work closely toward our vision.


Collaboration with existing Deaf Association
-         Visit and collaborate with The National Deaf Association in Burundi

-         Visit and cooperate with Johnson school

-         Visit and cooperate with Ephphata Gitega


Collaborating with Regional Deaf Associations
-         Send a letter to Africa Contact Group (Central region) to inform them about our existence

-         Send a letter to Rwanda Deaf Association to inform them.

-         Send a letter to Uvira (DRC) Association for the Deaf to inform them.

-         Send a letter to Tanzania Deaf Association.


Awareness campaign and information
-         Send letters to all the embassies to inform about our existence

-         Send letters to all NGOs (local or international) with the same purpose

-         Send letters to all religion structures

-         Send letters to the Government structures

-         Distribute brochures about Deafness to all the people

-         Get support from religions to inform people about Deafness

-         Organise a television show about Deafness (with an interpreter for the Deaf to follow)


Involvement in Youth development programs
-         Take part in fighting poverty

-         Take part in fighting against HIV/AIDS

-         Reproductive health

-         Make Deaf Youth attend Scout’s activities

-         Self developing programs

-         Sports and local and national competition

-         Picnics, banquets and leisure activities


a. Training of Deaf Youth

-         Computer training (Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point and Internet)

-         Language (English)

-         Training in Deaf Culture to be conducted by a Deaf person

b. Training of parents and other community

- Deaf Culture to be conducted by a Deaf person

- Sign Language to be conducted by a Deaf person





The 10 Students will have knowledge in Computer and in English, then we will send them to South Africa to Study for one year. We are going to request the National Institute for the Deaf (DCSA) to assist us.

We will need them to be trained in:


-         Train the trainers

-         Administration

-         Teaching

-         Handicraft

-         Manicure and pedicure

-         Cooking

-         DCMA



The students will be back and ready to work, then we will create employment for them as per the discipline they are skilled in:


      Those who have been trained in Administration will work with us in Administration department.

      The teachers will work in the school, first we’ll start with ABET classes and then develop later.

      The others from handicraft will train other Deaf youth willingly to work in the domain.

      We will open a beauty care where those who have studied manicure and pedicure will work.

      We will open a restaurant, and the Deaf people who will study cooking will work in.




      We will establish a school for the Deaf

      We will create a Mental Health Service

      We will create care center for old Deaf people





      We will organise a Deaf beauty contest in Bujumbura

      We have agricultural activities




A monthly self assessment will be done to make sure the association is driving towards the objectives. This will be done by comparing what we have planned to achieve and what have we achieved so far.


Donors will have the right to time to time evaluate the organisation to make sure money is used wisely and purposely.



L'Association des Jeunes Souds du Burundi