-         To identify all the Deaf people aged 18-35 and to include them into the project.

-         To facilitate training opportunity for the identified Deaf and to find and create jobs.

-         To work closely with Deaf people, while they are taking the front, to develop an access for them in all the services.

-         To inform the public and create awareness among all the population regarding Deafness by means of media, newspapers, churches and community

-         To lobby and advocate the Deaf case to the local authority based on the the article 22 of Burundi constitution on fundamental rights on individuals and citizens and the UN convention on people with disability.

-         Together with the Burundi National Association for the Deaf to develop and maintain a uniform Burundi Sign Language in all the country and to train parents and community in Sign language and Deaf Culture.



L'Association des Jeunes Souds du Burundi